Postal APIs for Developers and Marketers

A postal API is a way to access address data from the US Postal Service. Unlike traditional postal services, the USPS has made its postal APIs available for public use. These APIs are not designed for a standardized database of addresses or to merge address data.

They also do not support the check of more than a few addresses at one time. But despite its shortcomings, USPS API developers have made the process easy to use by providing example code. Developers can start using the API in a matter of hours. APIs are available for JavaScript, C#, iOS, and Python.

PostSave’s Postcard API

With PostSave’s postal API, you can automate direct mail postcard campaigns from anywhere, even from your smartphone. You can import and standardize your address book, choose your delivery options, and send it. You can also track the effectiveness of postcard printing and mailing campaign using PostSave’s analytics. You can also import bulk data in seconds to optimize your mailing campaigns. This API is extremely flexible and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Address verification is a critical part of marketing, as a misdirected package can result in wasted time, packing materials, and even postal charges. Plus, an unhappy customer can leave a negative review on a company’s website. To solve these issues, PostSave’s postal API helps you validate millions of addresses quickly and accurately. If you’re looking for a postal solution that’s easy to use, check out their postal API.

Imkit’s Reach Enablement Platform

Imkit’s Reach Enablement Platform gives teams the technology and tooling they need to create, deliver, and track personalized customer communications. Whether you’re sending personalized mailers to one million recipients or automating direct mail outreach, Inkit can help you do it all. It works with existing infrastructure to streamline processes and make data collection and verification easy. Besides, Imkit’s cloud-based platform lets you make a single-click purchase and deploy the software within minutes.

Imkit Render lets you generate PDFs and other paperless file formats from HTML content. Thanks to its robust and scalable API, Imkit Render is perfect for creating documents for customer communications, compliance, and internal training. Imkit Send connects with marketing tools and CRMs to send personalized, automated direct mail to existing and new customers based on specific actions. You can also automate and optimize direct mail campaigns to increase conversion rates.

FedEx SmartPost

If you’re trying to integrate FedEx SmartPost into your shipping software, you’ve come to the right place. KeyDelivery offers the FedEx shipping API. With comprehensive documentation, you’ll be able to integrate the service and control the shipping process. With KeyDelivery, you can get shipment updates in a single click, stay informed about your shipments, and simplify the shipping process. The FedEx SmartPost API is a powerful tool for building applications that handle international shipments.

To get started with FedEx SmartPost, you need to register with the company. To register, visit the FedEx web site. Follow the prompts to create an account. When asked for your meter number, enter it in the appropriate field. Then, sign up for a free FedEx account. A production account number is required if you want to use FedEx SmartPost. After you have signed up for FedEx SmartPost, create a test account to generate labels.

Imkite’s Address Validation / Standardization API

If you are a developer and need an easy way to validate addresses, you can use Imkit’s Address Validation / Standardsization API. It can process address information and returns deliverability status. The Address Bulk Verification API can handle up to 100K addresses and is asynchronous, sending a notification by email, HTTP, or taskid if the address is not delivered. Address Auto-Complete API returns addresses that match the input freeform address.

The Address Validation API is designed to correct invalid addresses and facilitate faster delivery of packages. It can be used to validate recipient address information by comparing it with reference data. It can also be used to validate and correct address information that contains erroneous information, such as an incorrect postcode. The Address Validation API supports addresses from the U.S. and Canada, and it receives monthly updates to the address database.

USPS Web Interface

When you’re integrating your website with the USPS Web Interface, you might encounter an error message saying that the authorization failed. This error message is usually associated with a number of reasons, such as lack of sample code and documentation. In addition, the API is only available for individual transactions. Therefore, you can’t use it for batch processing or database cleansing. In the end, you’ll have to write your own code from scratch, which requires significant time and effort.

Another feature of the USPS Web Interface is that it is completely free. While many service providers provide free address lookups, none of them is truly free. The USPS interface allows you to enter valid addresses and receive notifications when they’re invalid. However, you can only use the interface to verify a single address. If you need to validate a large number of addresses at once, you may want to look for a more cost-effective solution.